Dissonance in the News

From time to time, we have the opportunity to advocate for mental health, recovery, and wellness in our community through interviews and press.

Here are some of those stories.

MINnesota Public Radio: 8/14/19

Local musicians share how they navigate sobriety

Star Tribune: 4/20/19

Twin Cities strummer Katy Vernon breaks out of 30-year funk to write songs of hope

City Pages: 3/28/19

HazelFest reveals 2019 lineup: Messersmith, 'The Voice' all-stars, comedy, speakers

The Phoenix Spirit: 03/06/19

Healing Through Music by Brian Zirngible

FOX9 TV: 12/18/18

The Morning Buzz Features Unhappy Holidays with Performance By Katy Vernon

JAZZ 88 FM: 12/12/18

"Dissonance" Presents Unhappy Holidays 2018 

REWIRE: 9/20/18 

This Artist Fosters Connection Through Creative Exchange

KARE11: 8/1/18

'A Different Version of Myself': Musicians Champion Recovery


Passenger Recovery to Expand its Compass App

JAZZ 88 FM: 5/24/18

"Dissonance" Explores Connection Between Mental Health and Music 

PR NEWSWIRE: 5/15/18

Brother Ali to Headline "Hazelfest 2018"

City Pages (People Issue 2018): 2/7/18

Sarah Souder Johnson: The Human Support System

Minnpost: 12/20/17

Unhappy Holidays: Sober Celebration Features Some of the State's Top Performers

89.3 The Current: 12/19/17

Dissonance Presents Unhappy Holidays 2017

Star Tribune: 8/3/17

Minnesota Musicians United in the Fight to Destigmatize Mental Illness


Musician and Author Phil Circle Discusses Recovery from Depression, Alcohol Use Disorder

STEREOGUM: 10/4/16

Communist Daughter: "Balboa Bridge"

MINNPOST: 8/8/16

Rock 'n' Recovery: Celebrating Sobriety at Hazelfest

MinnPOST: 6/24/15

Tackling Anxiety on Campus with Creativity

We’re people who care, and we’re here to tell you you’re not alone... Artists are human beings, too.
— Carl Atiya Swanson
I believe people are very resilient, and we all have the capacity to change.
— Sarah Souder Johnson