These worksheets and posters are intended for use in schools, workplaces and community spaces. Please print and use them to remind yourself and to help others learn how to emphasize wellness. 


Touring artists with a stop in Minneapolis or St. Paul are invited to ask us about arranging a sober green room experience. We'll get you away from the venue for some healthy food, beverages and fellowship before your show. Not just for those who identify as "in recovery" from mental health or substance use disorders, and not just for musicians. Our sober green room experience is available to any traveling artist looking for a wellness break. No transportation needed, either. We'll pick you up and get you back to the venue. Availability is not guaranteed, but we'll make every effort to accommodate all requests. We and our trusted network of supporters love to be of service in this way. Please contact us about availability.

If you're traveling through Detroit, our friends at Passenger Recovery provide a great sober green room experience there, too. In fact, we got the idea from them!

mutual aid Meetings

Compass is a fully-interactive online-meeting finder for traveling artists. Built by our friends at Passenger Recovery, the Compass database includes thousands of AA, NA, NAMI (for mental health concerns) and Refuge Recovery (Buddhist-inspired) meetings, and is growing every day. Click below, and Compass will open to show meetings for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Simply enter a new location to find options in another city.

Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

We are collecting wellness tips from and for artists who spend a good deal of time away from home. Please send us your ideas.


Establish routines. Having some consistency to each day on the road will lower the stress and give you something to hold on to in the middle of the tornado. (from John Solomon of Communist Daughter)


Exercise. Make a point to get up and move every day. Doing so — even just a little — will reduce stress, help you reset, and counter the chaos of a tour with regular infusions of fresh, healthy feelings. (from John Solomon of Communist Daughter)


Eat healthy and limit or cut out substance use. Consider what you are putting into your body all the time. On tour, you can fall into unhealthy patterns without even realizing it. (from John Solomon of Communist Daughter)

Rider guide

How can artists ask for help with staying healthy on the road and in performance spaces? How can venues respond? Content coming soon!